Celosia Royal van Zanten®

Greenex represents Royal van Zanten’s Celosia and made a nice selection for our North American Canadian clients.

On the right you will see that our menu is divided into two groups:

Celosia Hot Topic®

With its gently waving ’ plumes’ in fluorescent colors , Celosia Hot Topic® will make your patio rock like a tropical carnival . Like a rhythmically swirling coral reef, it colors your balcony.

With its unique flower shape, it adds a touch of magic to your garden . No matter where you put Celosia Hot Topic® it turns everything into a passionate feast.

Celosia Spicata

An original and stylish plant, unique in both shape and color. Like firebirds, the crimson flowers shoot upwards and form a beautiful contrast to leaves. The Celosia blooms week after week: a truly easy-going plant that retains its intense color and compact shape.

The Celosia Spicata grows just as happily indoors as it does in the garden. Thanks to its unique and exceptional radiance, the plant looks wonderful on its own – although it is just as splendid when incorporated into a larger display. Place a couple of Celosias on the terrace in large decorative planters and they will enliven the entire garden! Pour yourself a drink and enjoy.

The plants are extremely easy to look after.

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