Euphorbia pulcherrima Poinsettia ‘Crunch’

Greenex proudly represents GRAFF Breeding A/S, Denmark.

Q-ismas® Crunch™ is a new Poinsettia selection from Graff Breeding A/S – with the following characteristics:

– Different look with a new combination between traditional Winter Rose and ordinary Poinsettias.

– Semi double flower, but still with the characteristic star formation and shape.

– Popular color combination between the real red flower and the dark and curly foliage.

– Easy compact growing, well branching and strong in transport.

– Suitable for pot size 6 to 15 cm (2 to 6 inch) – making a unique and eye-catching look in all pot sizes.

– The 6 cm (2 inch) pot; the curly foliage and the semi double flower makes the unique and harmonic “mini product” well-proportioned.

Customer surveys in Denmark show, that younger people likes Poinsettia more, when they can see the red start at the top of the green foliage. This is just one of the criteria that Q-ismas® Crunch satisfies among the younger generation. By bringing more joy to the consumer with longer shelf life at consumer level and in the house.

From Hasfarm Young Plants in Vietnam we offer Unrooted & Rooted Cuttings – Young Plants for Asian marked.

Award-Winner Flora Holland 2014 Q-ismas Crunch