Osteospermum Sunny®

Greenex is proud representing the leading Osteospermum breeder SUNNY®. Today SUNNY® is the trade mark of the most comprehensive range of protected Osteospermum varieties marketed throughout the world.

The idea of SUNNY® Osteospermum arised in 1985 with the first breeding experiments. In these years an intensive work of breeding and crop development is carried out, aiming for new colours, imrproved growth forms and uniform flower development during the summer.

Each year good hybrids are selected and trialed outdoor and inside – greenhouses. Only the very best hybrids obtain the designation SUNNY® Osteospermum and are being marketed. Therefore SUNNY® means quality in both production as marketing.

The brand SUNNY® represents the best quality within the different varieties of Osteospermum, also known as African Daisy. We are very pleased to announce yet another year where we are presenting new improved and tested varieties, in different magnificent colours.

With production facility in Vietnam, Greenex is able to offer cuttings in very high and uniform quality.

The SUNNY® Classic are suitable for 10-13 cm (4-5″) pots.

The SUNNY® Pixie® are suitable for 9 cm (3-4″) pots & 6-Packs.

The SUNNY® Sun Brella’s® are suitable for 18-30 cm (7-12″) hanging baskets.