Dipladenia – Mandevilla Q-Deville®

Q-deville® is a New and improved series of Dipladenia/ Mandevilla which is known for its garden performances and its ability to stay compact under normal growing.

Through the years Dipladenia/Mandevilla have been seen as a plant that creates beautiful and colourful flowers but the plant itself stretches. This is what Graff Breeding are trying to change with Q-deville®. Through breeding within Dipladenia/Mandevilla we are targeting:

– Natural compact varieties (still have varieties for vining – just ask).
– Varieties that are stiff and upright in their growth – no need for support.
– Big colorful and decorated buds and flowers.
– Plants that can handle the hard summer in warm areas (Spain, Japan & Florida), and the mild climate in the northern part (Canada & Scandinavia), and still be able to be beautiful till the end of fall.

Continuing flowering.

All Q-deville® varieties have been selected on their ability to continuous to flower through out the season. All our plants have been tested for outside use, in 3 continents (Europe, America & Asia).

For more information please feel free to contact your local sales representative.