Euphorbia milii – Tropical Collection

Euphorbia Milii  – Tropical Collection is a classic, sturdy house plant available all year round.

This hardy succulent is easy to care for and it is no exaggeration to say that Euphorbia milii belongs to the most hardy pot plants available. It is definitely a plant for busy people. It tolerates full sun, winter as well as summer. It can do without water for up to 14 days, and last but not least, it thrives at high as well as low temperatures, as long as it isn’t freezing. On the contrary, this will promote its formation of flowers that prefer a warm, bright position. Its many decorative spikes unfold at the top of the plant and consist of two fused, coloured bracts that surround the small, actual flowers

Euphorbia milii belongs to the same family as the Poinsettia, the spurges. Common to the species is that it is the bracts which we perceive as flowers, and it is these which give the plant its appeal. Euphorbia milii is not only available today in a vast variety of gentle and strong colours, but the range now encompasses many new different varieties with flowers 3-4 times larger than previous varieties.