Kalanchoë Queen®

Greenex proudly represents the leading Kalanchoe breeder Queen® by Knud Jepsen AS, Denmark.

A Queen® cutting from Greenex-Knud Jepsen is the beginning of a fantastic experience. The cuttings come from our production facility in Vietnam, where the modern production setup ensures the very best conditions for our employees and for healthy plant growth.

All cuttings are taken from mother plants produced from the newest, purest clones of each and every variety. Only their high quality is standard. Everything else is tailored to the needs and wishes of individual customers. We offer cuttings in very high and uniform quality.

The Queen® Kalanchoe Assortment is know for a perfectly formed large flowers in many shapes and bright vibrant colours. We focus on breeding and selecting high quality varieties with excellent longevity to ensure a superior customer experience.

All varieties are subject to shelf-life testing to ensure a minimum longevity of 6 weeks, setting new standards on the marked. Queen® is the only breeder offering a unique assortment of ethelyne tolerant Kalanchoe.

Optimal growth habits and uniform appearance. The Queen® assortment is known for perfectly formed large flowers in bright vibrant and succulent green foliage.

QUEEN® ElseFlowers™. Something Else The newest series in our product range lives up to its name. Queen® ElseFlowers™ are something else. The eye-catching series of bi-color varieties provide a striking contrast to classic, single flower Kalanchoes. A new look that will be a highlight for every season.

QUEEN® MoreFlowers™. Something More Queen® MoreFlowers™ are extravagant, eye-catching blooms with exceptional longevity and unique, large flowers. The most innovate Kalanchoe series on the market.

QUEEN® ORIGINALS. Classic series in bright colours Queen® Originals are a classic series based on the early Kalanchoe varieties. They stand out for their large, long-lasting blooms in an array of strong, vibrant colors – a great choice for many occasions and locations. You’ll soon discover that Queen® are more than pot plants. Combine the series in extravagant, colourful arrangements – for outdoors and in.

QUEEN® CUTFLOWERS™ New award winning cut flower innovation. The first cut Kalanchoe and IPM novelty prize winner. Available in six colours, all year.

With a minimum of 3 weeks flowering, Queen® CutFlowers™ have set a stunning, new standard for the longevity in the cut flowers category.
Breeding and ethelyne resistance. All varieties are patented by Queen® and the assortment is continuously developed through new colours and improved varieties to ensure superior quality. All varieties selected to breeding demonstrate ethelyne resistance.
Antiseptic flowers Queen® CutFlowers™ have an antiseptic effect that keeps the water, in the vase, clean. No water exchange needed.

QUEEN® GREEN The Queen® Green assortment comprises ethylene tolerant green Kalanchoe succulents, known for their naturally long shelf life. Queen® Green requires only sparse watering and little exposure to light. The assortment provides an interesting alternative to the colorful Queen® assortment and can be combined in many ways.

QUEEN® Outdoor. Tested Quality. The Queen® Outdoor concept comprises easy-care varieties, proven to withstand all whether elements: Rain, drought, wind, shade or full sun.
Natural longevity. All Outdoor varieties flower from early spring until the first frost. They thrive at temperatures of 5-30 degrees Celsius (40-85 F), but cannot tolerate frost.
Easy Care. Little watering needed as they thrive best when drying out between watering. No pinching required; the flowers keep on blooming naturally.
Colorful assortment. All Queen® Outdoor varieties are ethylene-resistant.
Available in bright summer colors that will gain intensity within a few days after planting.

QUEEN® ROSEFLOWERS®. Something rose-like. Apreciated for their many glorious shades, form and enduring high quality, Queen® RoseFlowers®, are rich blooms that emerge from delicate, rose-like buds – distinctive for their luxuriant fullness.