Sansevieria fernwood ‘Micado’

  • Foliage: The Sansevieria Fernwood is now available in 'Micado' shape. The succes of Bacularis 'Micado' is expanding. For those who prefer the dark green leaves and elegant "Tiger Print" of the Fernwood, we have introduced this Fernwood 'Micado'. Although recently introduced, it has already proven to be very succesful.
  • Total height including pot: 15-60 cm (6-24 inch)
  • Recommended pot size: 4 cm (1,5 inch), 6 cm (2,5 inch), 8 cm (3 inch), 10 cm (4 inch), 12 cm (5 inch) & 14 cm (5 inch).
  • Availability: As barerooted or finish product all year round