Introduction of 3 new Begonias

18 August 2015


We are herewith introducing 3 new Koppe Begonias to you.

Valentino Pink® 

Valentino Pink® has a truly remarkable flower: it really has a heart of gold.  Due to the bright colours, this variety livens up any living room.

It is characterized by a deep pink flower with a big bright yellow heart. Valentino Pink® is at its best during spring and summer. It’s not just a beautiful indoor plant. Valentino Pink® is also very well suited to be enjoyed outdoors.


Ilona Romance

Ilona Romance needs the same cultivation as the other Ilona types. It is one of the faster and bigger Ilona types.

Ilona Romance has a fresh vivid colour, good branching and vigorous growth.


Barkos XL:

Barkos XL is suitable for 14 cm pots or bigger. Of course there will be less plants per m2 than Barkos and needs a longer culture time. It is a more intense colour than Barkos. No pinching is needed and PGR is applied the same as Barkos.

Please enjoy the pictures of these beautiful Begonias.


Knud Jepsen A/S, Green Entrepreneur of the Year!

14 June 2015

Frands Jepsen, owner of the company Knud Jepsen A/S in Denmark, has been awarded the title of ‘Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2015’ during the first edition of the Green Inspiration Event ‘Pot and Bedding Plant Industry’. Last month, the jury of six members went in search of the best pot and/or bedding plant grower in the world.

The jury firmly believed that Jepsen should be the winner: Five of the six jury members chose him as the most inspiring entrepreneur in the international pot and bedding plant industry. The jury praised, for instance, Jepsen’s clear vision, mission and ambitions. “Professional marketing with a clear branding strategy under the Queen umbrella. A focus on the customer is the guiding principle and is well implemented in the business processes. Jepsen always keeps the end customer in mind and furthermore a close collaboration with retailers guarantees a higher turnover thanks to the Queen concept”, were some of the opinions of the jury.

Click here for the complete jury report.


NEW in 2015: Capsicum Chill Out

12 February 2015

Together with Ex-Plant we are introducing the ChillOut™  series. In the picture you see the Macho™.

ChillOut™ is a new concept of micropeppers, developed to satisfy the growing demand for use of chilis. The plants are a unique combination of decorative and useful plants, produce hot fruits with fruity flavor, have an extreme good shelf life, fit perfectly in the “Grow your Own” trend and produce more new fruits the more you harvest!

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