Spring Trials 2014

Spring Trials are an annual weeklong event that takes place in various locations throughout the state of California. Greenex has participated for the past 8 years presenting our line of flowering products and introducing new varieties, this year is no different. As in the past, we will be showcasing our product at the Speedling location (2640 San Juan Highway, San Juan Bautista), and the trial dates are from April 5th to April 10th 2014.

Greenex takes the California Spring Trials as an opportunity to present to the industry all we have to offer. It’s the perfect place, with the perfect setting, to introduce all the characteristics of our new products as well as current assortments. So be prepared to see what’s new for flowering and foliage at Speedling.

At Spring Trials we are proud to present and represent, top of the line breeding companies and their very unique products.