Kalanchoe by KP Holland

Greenex proudly and exclusively represent the very best in Kalanchoe genetics by KP Holland, The Rosalina™ Series & Passion Series.

  • Genetics focused on having the greatest number of flowers per plant on the market.
  • 6 to 8 strong colours of each Series with compact dark leaves and a uniform growth habit.
  • Fast production and very well natural branching with minimal PGR.

The Rosalina™ Series has an evenly filled umbel and compact dark leaves. Our varieties are extremely strong. In our breeding, the focus is on 2023 -2025 resilient varieties and on aesthetics; new shapes and colors.

The Passion Series is our latest introduction into the single flower market that aims to be the simplest Kalanchoe assortment to grow, providing benefits to production, growing and sales departments alike.

Some highlighting factors:

  • 6 standard colours (additional bicolours available) all flowering within 3-4 days of each other
  • Uniform growth habit and leaf size/shape
  • Minimal PGR usage required

Available to ship to your location as unrooted cuttings.

For more information, feel free to download the full Product Assortment below or get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives.

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Naranja BL
Passion Orange (Naranja)
Pride BL
Passion Pink (Pride)
Palace BL
Passion Purple (Palace)
Revolution BL
Passion Red (Revolution)
Wisdom BL
Passion White (Wisdom)
Estrella BL
Passion Yellow (Estrella)
Don Alano Intense Flower
Rosalina Don Alano Intense
Rosalina Don Amarillo
Rosalina Don Dione
Don Hector Flower
Rosalina Don Hector
Rosalina Don Justino
Rosalina Don Nando Close
Rosalina Don Nando
Rosalina Don Nando Intense Bloem
Rosalina Don Nando Intense
Rosalina Don Pedro
Rosalina Don Victorio