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At Greenex we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product sourced from the best farms around the world.

We are also aiming to grow and expand our catalogue, if there is something you are after that you can not see, please get in contact with your local sales representatives and we use our contacts to see if we can supply what you need

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Aphelandra Squarrosa

Aphelandra Squarrosa or also known as the zebra plant is a tropical plant that thrives at room tempe...
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Asters Mystery Lady®

Greenex proudly presents Asters Mystery Lady®. With increasing demands for quality flowering asters ...
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Asters Queen® Regent Asters™

At Queen® we are setting new quality standards in Aster breeding focusing on the following selection...
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Asters Victoria-Asters®

Victoria Asters® boast a large and beautiful double flowers with a green or yellow center depending ...
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Begonia Koppe®

In close cooperation with the leading and well known Begonia breeder Koppe from Holland. Koppe are k...
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Campanula Ocean® Series

Campanula is a perennial which originates from south European mountains. It has, through intense dev...
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Celosia Royal van Zanten

Greenex represents Royal van Zanten’s Celosia and made a nice selection for our North American clien...
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Dahlia Queen® Maya Dahlia™

At Queen® we are setting new quality standards for Dahlia breeding, focusing on the following select...
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Kalanchoe Queen®

Greenex proudly represents the leading Kalanchoe breeder Queen® by Knud Jepsen AS, Denmark. The Que...
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Lavandula & Herbs by GRAFF®

Greenex proudly represents Graff Young Plants® and their extensive range of unique Lavandula and var...
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Lavandula angustifolia Thumbelina

Lavandula angustifolia Thumbelina is a charming miniature Lavender with very compact flowers that ar...
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Lavandula stoechas Butterfly Garden®

Greenex proudly represents Butterfly Garden® and their extensive range of Lavandula stoechas. The Bu...
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Queen® Kiwi Hebe™

Queen® Kiwi Hebe™The Kiwi-series of Hebe varieties is a new summer – autumn addition to our outdoor ...
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Queen® Tiara Euphorbia™

At Queen® they are setting New Quality standards in Euphorbia milii breeding, focusing on the follow...
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Rhipsalidopsis 'Easter Cactus' Thor®

Greenex proudly represents the leading Rhipsalidopsis breeder Thor® by Thoruplund AS, Denmark.  Rhip...
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Schlumbergera 'Zygo Cactus' Thor®

Greenex proudly represents the leading Schlumbergera breeder Thor® by Thoruplund AS, Denmark. In rec...
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Tacitus Queen®

Graptopetalum bellum, also known as Tacitus, is a perennial succulent native in west Mexico. This is...
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