Dracaena is a common houseplant that is highly variable in form from tall cane varieties to the shorter varieties we see in smaller pots.

At Greenex we work to bring reliable supply of Dracaena of all types as unrooted cuttings and canes to growers around the world by both air and sea. We ensure you can get a good consistent quality.

Below are a few varieties of Dracaena that we supply:

  • Dracaena fragrans massangeana 
  • Dracaena marginata
  • Dracaena warneckii
  • Dracaena lemon lime

Available for shipment to your location as unrooted cuttings.

For more information, feel free to download the full Product Assortment below or get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives.

Images sourced: Floradania.dk

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