Succulents by Delta Cactus

Greenex is proud to represent Delta Cactus.

Delta Cactus is known and respected for their impressive Assortment of Gasteria & Haworthia with focus on:

  • Optimized production
  • Customer loyalty
  • High technology
  • Always investing in knowledge
  • Breeding program
  • Protected varieties
  • Nature and the environment
  • Human team
  • Sustainability
  • MPS-ABC Certificate

At Greenex we work to bring reliable supply of unrooted cuttings to growers around the world. We ensure you can get a good consistent quality.

Available for shipment to your location as unrooted cuttings.

For more information, feel free to download the full Product Assortment below or get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives.

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Gasterhaworthia Royal Highness
Gasterhaworthia Royal Highness
Gasteria Beguinii
Gasteria beguinii
Gasteria D Blue Moon
Gasteria D Blue Moon® *NEW 2024*
Gasteria D Clash
Gasteria D Clash® *NEW 2024*
Gasteria D Delta
Gasteria D Delta®
Gasteria D Due
Gasteria D Due®
Gasteria Little Warty
Gasteria Little Warty
Gasteria Lizard King
Gasteria Lizard King® *NEW 2024*
Gasteria Verrucosa
Gasteria verrucosa
Haworthia Fasciata Concolor
Haworthia fasciata Concolor
Haworthia Herbacea
Haworthia herbacea
Haworthia Limifolia
Haworthia limifolia
Haworthia Limifolia Roux
Haworthia limifolia Roux
Haworthia Limifolia Twist
Haworthia limifolia Twist
Haworthia Universe
Haworthia Universe