Koppe Begonia 2023-2024 New Introductions!

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In close cooperation with the leading and well-known Begonia breeder Koppe from Holland,
Greenex proudly offers a very high quality and uniform size of cuttings from our production facility in Vietnam.

The Sweeties' collection

  • Completely new series specially for 10-12 cm (4-5 Inch) pot size.
  • Small leaves form a beautiful ball with a sea of small double flowers on top.
  • Gives every corner of the house more love and color
  • Stunning sleeve cover design available.

Introducing ‘RANA’ - Koppe R’Ilona

  • 100% Koppe.
  • Powerful colors.
  • Excellent branching for full thick plants.
  • High number of petals for fuller flowers.

New ‘Rana’

  • Intense bi-color.
  • More compact growth (less PGR needed).

Koppe Begonia Rana

THE HALO Collection

  • 2 weeks faster production than Barkos & Baladin.
  • Combines well in production with the R’ilona & Hailey Series as have the same flowering time.
  • Suitable for year-round production.
  • Also good for winter production.

Koppe Begonia Halo



For more information please check out our begonia assortment page or feel free to get in touch with your local sales representative.