New Unique Poinsettia Q-ismas® Crunch™

Pink Crunch News

Greenex is introducing the New Unique Poinsettia Q-ismas® Crunch™. A new Poinsettia selection from Graff Breeding® A/S – with the following characteristics:

  • Easy compact growing, well branching and strong in transport.


  • Different look with a new combination between traditional Winter Rose and ordinary Poinsettias.


  • Semi double flower, but still with the characteristic star formation and shape.


  • Popular color combination between the real red flower and the dark and curly foliage.


  • Suitable for pot size 6 cm / 2” to 15 cm / 6” – making a unique and eye-catching look in all pot sizes.


Unrooted Cuttings are available from WK-12.

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